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  • Search Engine Optimization or good luck!

    12/2/2011 6:47:46 AM Link |  | Add comment

    This morning one of our customers reported to me that in MSN Search a link to her website for a well known cruise supplier is showing up first in the MSN search results and in another case on the first page.

    How did she do this?

    Well I'm guessing that luck is involved. Who knows exactly what and when the search engines are going to do something. However, I think there are several steps she took that certainly contributed to her good fortune.

    1. She has added keyword rich unique text to her pages.

    2. She has updated here website several times over the last 2-3 months.

    3. She has added some meta keywords and a meta description. The search engine did not display the meta descripton. The keywords were not specific to the page. I don't think they help much.

    4. She has the Levelfield Broadcast Option which includes Private Label Supreme. I don't think the Levelfield Broadcast Option made her number 1 or even got her on the first page but having this option certainly made it possible for Google, MSN, and Yahoo to index her website. Just 2 or 3 months ago she didn't have the Levelfield Broadcast Option. Now she has been indexed by the 3 primary search engines. She has not yet taken advantage of the of the Google Site Map feature.

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    One very important question:

    Will she get search engine traffic as a result of this new positioning on the search results page?

    After all it's possible to get top ranking for keywords that no one will ever use for a search. To demonstrate this I added the following phrase to one of our pages: Eightieth Waffle Mansion. If you search google and msn you'll see that phrase in the coveted number one position on the search results page. BUT who would ever search for that particular phrase.

    click to see results on MSN

    click to see results on Google

    In a month or so I'll do a follow up report to see how our customer fared with her new positioning on the search results pages. What I can say for sure is that she gets traffic from Yahoo, Google, and MSN in that order on a daily basis. The question that I have will she benefit from this placement reported here.

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